Humans are by far the most common race in Khameril; they are also the most politically powerful.

The human noble class is primarily comprised of the two great families: House Eiflander and House Stormcrow. A human character may choose to be a member of one of these families, but doing so comes with responsibilities.

After winning The Last War, House Eiflander became the more politically dominant of the two houses. At this time it also put itself in charge of regulating magic use in Khameril. Eiflanders are typically brash, confidant, entitled, resourceful, cunning, and sometimes bit cold.

Playing an Eiflander grants the following:

  • +2 Knowledge {Nobility}
  • +2 Sense Motive
  • The ability to call upon your house for favors and be well treated by people of noble birth.
  • Many people resent members of House Eiflander for their behavior in The Last War and their treatment of magic users outside the Covenant of Mages.

House Stormcrow is the more humble of the great families, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. They fought against House Eiflander in The Last War, but they were soundly defeated. House Stormcrow is typically more supportive of the use of magic amongst the free peoples, but it does very little to champion this cause, since House Eiflander keeps a watchful eye on them.

Playing a Stormcrow grants the following :

  • +2 Diplomacy
  • +2 Knowledge (Nobility}
  • The ability to call upon your house for favors.
  • Stormcrows are fairly well-liked throughout the realm, although there are some who distrust nobility of any kind, especially in the Rindirhi Desert and the Jokoli Forest.


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