Dwarves are relatively scarce in Khameril. They tend to only be found in the mountains of the Northern Kingdom, where they are able to live in isolation from other races. Stoneguard is by far the largest Dwarven city,

Dwarves tend to stubborn, proud, and most of all loyal to other dwarves. Dwarves are keenly aware of the racial tensions that exist in Khameril, so they try to maintain a strong culture while not meddling in the affairs of other races. Dwarves are generally distrustful of other races, especially Elves, whom they have very little contact with in the Northern Kingdom.

Stoneguard is the Dwarven cultural center of Khameril. It is here that the Dwarves conduct most of their cultural rituals, such as the Festival of the Under Suns, which is a annual celebration in reverence of the underground.

Playing a dwarf grants the following:

  • +2 Craft
  • +2 Fortitude saves to resist inclement weather
  • +4 Diplomacy when interacting with other dwarves


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